Contributor Agreement

This agreement serves to formalize the relationship between you and Supervision Support as a Blog Contributor.


  • Bloggers are writing on a volunteer basis and are not part- or full-time employees of Supervision Support.
  • Bloggers agree to write posts in line with the provided style and blogging guidelines. Bloggers also agree to indemnify Supervision Support against any third-party claims arising from a breach of these guidelines and standards.
  • Supervision Support reserves the right to run advertisements alongside or within your content. This includes ads placed through us by allied organizations and advertisements that pull user data to produce custom advertisements for our readers based on their interests. No ads for prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or oil companies will ever run on the Ms. blog.
  • Supervision Support reserves the right to publish content on the date of our choosing.
  • Supervision Support reserves the right to promote your content on social media.
  • Supervision Support reserves the right to withdraw our acceptance of a post at any time and unpublish a post at any time.
  • Supervision Support reserves the right to edit content. Major edits will be shown to the author before publishing.

Other Terms

  • Bloggers are expected to keep information regarding the blog, print magazine and/or editorial strategies confidential.
  • The Blogger or Supervision Support may choose to terminate this agreement at any time by emailing info@supervisionsupport stating you will no longer be posting and include the last day you will submit a blog post.
  • Bloggers are encouraged to share their posts on social media and interact with readers in the comments on their posts, as well as with other Bloggers in the comments on their posts.
  • Bloggers who opt-in to our Contributors programs will be expected to write at least one to two posts per month, typically in line with our series of preferred topics that fall under our coverage umbrella.

By Completing This Form, You Confirm You Have Read and Agree With These Terms.