Chariot Hester,  MHA, LCSW

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Chariot C. Hester, MHA, LCSW has always had a passion for helping others reach their full potential regardless of their age and reality. As an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Clinical Social Work Supervisor, with a Masters in in Healthcare Administration, she continues to enhance lives and enhance healthcare systems daily through her career in social work and healthcare administration, and hopes to inspire future generations to do the same.

Ms. Hester prides herself on the belief “sit still to stand strong” which birthed her company Chariot’s Chair that inspires and encourages clients to take time to connect with their authentic selves, create their destiny, and overcome barriers along the way. With her proven ability to reach the unreachable through her bright personality, infectious smile, and enthusiastic tone, she has shared her God given gifts, methods, and solutions with the world through inspirational speaking, short term solution focused counseling, and meeting the needs of businesses, religious institutions, and not for profit organizations.

Chariot offers individual and group supervision and has over 5 years of clinical experience. 

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Chariot supervises: MSW Intern

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Jacksonville, FL