Dr. Krystle Dandridge, PhD, LPC


Krystle Dandridge is a Licensed Professional Counselor (0701005810 ) in the state of Virginia. Her niche includes:

  •  Sexual trauma and inappropriate sexual behaviors in children
  • Mood disorders and self harming behaviors
  • Identity development
  • Children, Adolescents, and young adults

Krystle supervises: LPC Associates

Krystle offers individual supervision and has over 5 years of clinical experience.  Krystle's not only a LPC, but she's also a registered play therapist and a certified sex offender treatment provider.

Fun Fact: "I recently graduated with a PhD in Psychology and will be testing for that license in the near future." - Krystle Dandrige

You can learn more about Krystle on her website at http://www.soulfulexpressionscs.com

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Contact kRYSTLE:

(609) 314-3099


Accepting New Interns: Yes