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Are you ready to develop the next generation of mental health professionals? Want to join a community of nearly 300 dedicated and highly qualified (board approved) supervisors who are eager to pay-it-forward? Well, you're in the right place!

Now here's what's so awesome about joining today... As a introductory promotional offer, all of our founding supervisors will be listed 100% FREE for the first 3 months of their membership! ($9.99 membership fee will begin upon completion of 90 days)

Your membership gives you access to:

  • Visibility to our network of over 2,700 (and growing) supervisees seeking supervision

  • Our monthly virtual clinical consultations group that are ran exclusively by Supervision Support, LLC supervisors

  • Access to our Supervisor Resource List, a monthly resource sent EXCLUSIVELY to supervisors in our directory that highlights workshops, products, training’s, etc. that are offered by our registered supervisors across the country!

  • 25% Membership Discount to our yearly event: The Super-Vision Conference

  • 24/7 customer support services

  • One-time 50% discounted ad spot on our show, Supervision Support - The Podcast

  • Cancel your membership at anytime!

To be listed on the site, you MUST :

  • Be currently accepting masters level interns/associates who are seeking supervision towards full licensure (i.e. MSW, MFT, or MHC degrees)

  • Be Licensed in your state and approved by your governing board to provide supervision to interns and associates seeking licensure (this will be verified BEFORE you’re listed on the site)

What happens after you fill in the form? Well we'll verify your credentials, then approve your profile to go live. So check back in a couple of days!

Time-frame for profile completion: 3-5 business days. This waiting period includes the creation of your profile and license verification. 


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