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Are you newly licensed, under supervision, a graduate or clinical supervisor? Are you looking to connect with mental health professionals who think out of the box and aspire to make an impact on the mental health field? Do you want to learn about developing your skills as a new clinicians, what to expect during your first year, and how to find a supervisor? Do you want to connect with qualified supervisors to learn how to deepen your knowledge about supervision, how to motivate and engage supervisees, how to build multiple streams of income, or even grow your private practice?

The conference aims to inform and support supervisors and supervisees in bridging the gap between graduation and licensure. It will help supervisors learn how to develop new clinicians to enter the field with integrity and confidence. Supervisees will gain support from licensed professionals who are eager to help them learn about developing themselves into the clinicians they envision themselves to be.

Well, if you said yes, you don't want to miss The Super-Vision Conference | 2020

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Meet the Founder

Deseray is the creator of Supervision Support, LLC and “The Super-Vision Conference”. She created these platforms after her former supervisor went M.I.A and never signed off on her hours, causing her to walk away from over 800 clinical hours! She didn’t allow this to dampen her spirits. Instead, she created an easy and accessible way for up-and-coming clinicians to connect with highly qualified and dedicated supervisors who are ready to help them get to the golden gates and licensure, and beyond!

She didn’t stop there, she wanted new clinicians to know that they were limitless in what they could do in the field. The days of traditional agency work or hustling to build a private practice are slowly dying. The Super-Vision Conference aims to motivate clinicians to be bold, creative, and innovative when it comes to becoming the clinician that changes the game!


The Super-Vision Conference | 2019


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I received a lot of imperative information regarding the supervision process as well as what to expect as my first year as a therapist. I also received good information regarding creative careers in mental health. I met dynamic clinicians and this conference increased my confidence and overall feeling of being a mental health professional. Thank you Deseray.
— - Rchael Black (Brooklyn, NY)
The Super-Vision Conference was phenomenal, impactful, to the point, and I can tell Deseray put a lot into it. The speakers were awesome.
— - Josh McNiel (Boston, MA)

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Only 2 spots available

Only 2 spots available

Deadline April 30, 2019

Deadline April 30, 2019

Deadline May 1, 2019

Deadline May 1, 2019

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